China Market Representation

ATR employs dedicated market development professional to represent international clients across China. Past clients have gone on to establish their own China companies achieving great results.

China Market Development

ATR offers quality China tourism research accounting for market segments constantly evolving and decentralising. It delivers market solutions resulting for sustainable growth and profitable outcomes.

China Communications

ATR works closely with clients in creating connected communications that resonates with target markets in China, enhancing the global brands of clients & growing their business. Combining smart publicity and digital.

China Missions & Events

ATR has tremendous experience in operating successful tourism events that bring foreign and Chinese buyers together in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere. Our attention to detail in all aspects is important for all parties.

China Market Entry Programs

ATR offers companies want to better engage China and have a view to maybe establishing their own entity. We have assisted companies in this bridging move by assisting them with introductions to the key player in the Chinese travel and aviation sector.

China Travel Seminars

ATR is well versed in creating notably seminars and training events for Chinese travel agents. Often just finding common ground with executives is not enough, as there are hundreds of people in the network that require support.

Strategic Consulting

ATR delivers proper strategic planning and policy based upon facts not emotion, achievable with some stretch and easily understood by all. Good planning requires a 360°understanding of market segments which are constantly evolving and digitally decentralising.

Digital Benchmarking

Digital market engagement should be closely linked to distribution planning & cross border payment solutions. ATR delivers researched benchmarking  & analysis to provide direction in digital connections. Digital in China is not a one-way stream pushing content out to fond followers.

Increasing the Value

ATR helps companies looking to lift productivity, enhance experiences and ensure that at the retail point are made easy for Chinese travellers to purchase. Chinese tourist travel to experience and spend. ATR helps clients realise the opportunities by enabling retailers to better connect.

Asia-China Consulting

Genuine Market Development Services

ATR China was one of the very first companies to be offering representation service in what was then an emerging and highly regulated market. Since 2003, the travel industry of China has evolved to now be the largest travel market on the planet with multiple market segments. Equally ATR China has evolved its services to maintain relevance suits and offers much more Ethan token representative models, instead giving clients a genuine extension of their own organisation based in China.

Asia Indo Pacific Tourism Consulting

Asian Tourism Resources (ATR), is the parent company of ATR China, and established as a leading destination and tourism consulting organisation. Together with its associate partners in the international planning and policy community, ATR is committed to the principle that tourism plays in important movement in enabling opportunities, alleviating poverty and benefiting societies.

To advance this aim, ATR's consultative services include destination strategic reviews, tourism product evaluation, data, analysis, market demand studies, business plan advice and policy development.


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